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Lampdeng Co.,Ltd. (Guangzhou, China) is founded in May 2000, is a major supplier of projector lamps in Asia. Across the area, it is a major retailer and wholesaler in the broadest sense of the word. We offer the Original lamps to customers .Trading successfully for more than 15 years. Hongwang has now established a position as a leader within the market place.

Our team can offer you all the help you’ll ever need. We aim to provide fast and friendly service to every customer. 

Thank you for taking your time to visit our site. We hope to serve you in the near future!

We are Specialied in projectors and the projector accessories: lamp,lamp module,Original bare lamp with housing,Original bare lamp, replace lamp,bulb,lamp wick,lamp burner,lamp refector,Lamp Connector,LCD panel,prism LCD panels, Color wheel, DMD chipset, Lens,Light tunnel, polarizing glass, concave-convex lens,reflector glass,optical reflector,Optical Engine,mother board, main board,interface board,power supply, lamp ballast, interface-board, air filter,air Filter Cartridge,remote control...